More on Mormonism – Glenn Beck

Posted on July 21, 2010

By Justin Edwards

As a result of Glenn Beck’s show last Tuesday on Black Liberation Theology, I posted  Mormonism vs. Christianity that includes an excellent video from Living Waters delineating the clear differences between the cult of Mormonism and biblical Christianity. Beck’s show last week left many evangelicals confused on where he is theologically – is he a born again believer that is merely ignorant of the heretical doctrines of Mormonism; or is he deceiving the masses by blurring the distinctive lines of Christianity and Mormonism as Mormons have been attempting to do in the last couple of decades?

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries tackled these issues on his Dividing Line program Monday as he compared Glenn Beck’s comments with official LDS sources. Dr. White contends Beck – a former Catholic who converted to Mormonism a few years ago – did not, for the most part, use classical LDS language and apart from having a discussion with Beck on these issues, it is difficult to ascertain where Beck stands theologically.

One thing is certain – Glenn Beck still professes to be Mormon. Until he renounces the Mormon cult, he will continue to sow confusion and his salvation will remain in doubt. Glenn Beck needs our prayers.

Listen to the 40-minute segment from Dr. White here:  Yesterday on the DL – Glenn Beck