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The Philippian Jailer’s Belief

December 9, 2013

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Free-gracers readily point to the salvation of the Philippian jailer (Acts 16:25-40) as a proof text for their easy-believism doctrine. But notice what Acts 16:31-32 says after the jailer trembled and asked how he could be saved: They said, ‘Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household.’ 32 And […]

“The Devil’s Lie to Give False Security to Damned People”

September 6, 2013


In Part 3 of The Christian’s Incompatibility with Sin, Pastor John MacArthur comments on the popular false gospel, preaching from 1 John 3:9-10: “A no-repentance gospel, a no-holiness gospel, a no-submission gospel, a no-transformation gospel is the devil’s lie to give false security to damned people. So for the protection of the church from the […]

How to Identify a True Christian

September 5, 2013

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Pastor John MacArthur preaching on 1 John 3:4-8 in his message titled “The Christian’s Incompatibility with Sin – Part 2“: “John is concerned for us to understand how to identify a true Christian. There are doctrinal tests, that is what they believe. And there are moral tests, that is how they behave. There is the […]

Jesus Is Lord of Unbelievers

December 10, 2012


From chapter 2 of The Gospel Is for Christians (pg. 33-34), Mitchell Chase writes, Sinners who believe in Jesus are acknowledging his lordship, but Jesus is Lord whether or not they ever believe in him. We cannot make Jesus anything, much less Lord…That Jesus is Lord over believers is not new information, but the lordship […]

Bastard vs. Legitimate Children

June 20, 2012


In closing his message titled The Christian’s Assurance of Salvation, Paul Washer contrasts the difference between a child of God, who receives the loving discipline of the Father, and the illigitimate (bastard) child who receives no discipline at all but continues in his waywardness. We see this truth addressed in Hebrews 12:3-11, paying close attention to […]

Greg Laurie: All Christians Are Not Disciples

May 11, 2012


In the following transcript that begins at minute 36 of the video below, Greg Laurie of Harvest Ministries denies the Lordship of Jesus Christ in the salvation of every believer. By his statements, he is promoting a second-tier Christianity, a form of Christianity without repentance, and a form of Christianity without sanctification as he makes […]

Charles Stanley and False Assurance of Salvation

May 8, 2012


The following is a guest post from Shawn Pander addressing Charles Stanley’s unbiblical view of sanctification and assurance of salvation. Brethren, as a born again follower of Jesus Christ I have realized it is usually acceptable with many believers to expose the teachings of Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, or Rob Bell. However, there are many […]

The Authority of the Gospel

March 25, 2012


As for the word that he sent to Israel, preaching good news of peace through Jesus Christ (He is Lord of all) – Acts 10:36 Preaching from Acts 10:36 in the following video taken from his message “Proclaiming the Good News”, Dr. Steven Lawson closes the sermon with an exposition on the final thought of the […]

Jesus Bought You to Set You Free

March 22, 2012


Say you are a slave and have been since the day you were born, twenty-five years ago. Being a slave is all you have known. You have been controlled by your slave master and have only been able to do that which your master has enabled you. You have no concept of freedom as you’ve […]

Gutless Gracers’ Easy-believism

March 20, 2012


Before and shortly after God saved me in March 2009, most of the websites I followed were primarily concerned with biblical prophecy. Naturally, most of these sites are dispensational and unfortunately have an unbiblical view on the doctrine of salvation (known as soteriology). Of course, these sites have a very unfavorable view (at best) of […]