Jesus Bought You to Set You Free

Posted on March 22, 2012

Say you are a slave and have been since the day you were born, twenty-five years ago. Being a slave is all you have known. You have been controlled by your slave master and have only been able to do that which your master has enabled you. You have no concept of freedom as you’ve never tasted it. While your master may have treated you respectfully sometimes, and allowed for you to have some pleasures and experience some happiness, the outlook of your life is hopeless and meaningless.

Then, one day someone purchases you – someone you don’t even know. What if this person bought you, and in fact bought you for a price that was twice your worth, only to set you free? How would you feel toward this person? What would you owe this person?

The following video is one of my favorites. In posting our new “Slave” Gospel tract at The Speak:Truth Project, I was reminded of this video and wanted to share it here. Think about it, Christian – you, a slave to your sin, knowing nothing but sin your whole life, was purchased by the blood of Jesus Christ, only to be set free. What are the implications of this salvation? Please take a few minutes to listen as Paris Reidhead illustrates it: