The Authority of the Gospel

Posted on March 25, 2012

As for the word that he sent to Israel, preaching good news of peace through Jesus Christ (He is Lord of all) – Acts 10:36

Preaching from Acts 10:36 in the following video taken from his message “Proclaiming the Good News”, Dr. Steven Lawson closes the sermon with an exposition on the final thought of the verse – that Christ is Lord over all, and that “the Gospel of Jesus Christ comes with the authority of His Lordship.”

To the dismay of today’s modern gospel teacher, Christ’s Lordship cannot be separated from the Gospel or from His attribute as Savior.  Jesus is Savior and Lord, Redeemer and Master, Lamb and Lion, Servant and King.  We can no more separate the Savior from His Lordship than we can separate deity from God, or Jesus from the Godhead.

Jesus is Lord, and as Lord, He has commanded all men everywhere to repent.  The Gospel, therefore, is an imperative.  It is a command, and all who refuse to obey it and reject Christ as Lord will face the fury of His wrath on the day of judgment.

Lawson tells us from the pulpit,

The authority of the Gospel is found in the Lordship of Jesus Christ, but even more than that, it is the Authority of the Gospel that we must believe. It comes to us with sovereign authority. When the Gospel is preached it is never a mere invitation, that we can just take it or leave it. It comes as a divine imperative. We are commanded to believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ. We are commanded to repent of our sins, and to refuse the Gospel is to live in rebellion against the Authority of heaven and earth. To resist the free offer of the Gospel is to reject God and it is to reject the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Whether you have yet to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, or you desire a renewed commitment to surrender to Christ’s authority in your life, I encourage you to watch this excerpt:

“Proclaiming the Good News” can be viewed in its entirety at Sermon Audio.

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