Word of Faith Damnable Heresies – A Call for Discernment

Posted on August 26, 2010

In speaking the truth in love, I would like to direct you to the following video from Justin Peters.  The Word of Faith movement is one of the great apostate movements in the visible church and is leading so many astray with its compromised teachings and outright heresies. The savage wolves in this prosperity gospel include (just to name a few):

  • Benny Hinn
  • Kennith Copeland
  • Gloria Copeland
  • The late Kenneth Hagin, Sr.
  • The late William Branham
  • Creflo Dollar
  • Jesse Duplantis

Some of the destructive doctrines espoused by these false teachers include:

  • Metaphysical cultic origins
  • Positive confession
  • Substance of faith
  • Little gods
  • WoF view of the Fall
  • The person of Jesus Christ

Other topics include:

  • Abuse of tongues
  • Heavenly encounters
  • Slaying in the spirit
  • Revelation knowledge
  • False prophecies
  • Hurt of healing

My dear friends, if you or you know someone who is caught up in this heretical movement or follows any of these false teachers, then I implore you to watch these videos and share them with loved ones. These “faith healers” who claim promises the Bible does not make have great potential to harm weaker, less-discerning Christians and lead countless others down the path of destruction.

By mixing just enough truth in with poison, they are able to convince many to rely on their spoken words rather than the solid foundation of the Word of God. Benny Hinn has even said one cannot separate healing from salvation. Oh the damage that can do to someone’s faith! That their continued ailment is a result of their not being saved!

For an outline of Justin’s seminar on A Call to Discernment and scheduling and booking information, please visit Justin Peters Ministries.

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