Donald Trump: "I am Christian"

Posted on April 12, 2011

Donald Trump appeared on CBN News this morning apparently courting the evangelical right in a bid for a 2012 presidential nomination. I first discovered this interview yesterday as CBN published a portion of that interview where Trump professed to be a Christian. As there was no mention of Jesus during the clip, which of course was disappointing especially since the interview took place on a Christian network, I was inclined to give somewhat a benefit of doubt in hopes the full interview would be posted and reveal any mention of Jesus Christ. To my disappointment, my expectations fell flat.

Below is the full interview with CBN correspondent David Brody.  As you will see, Donald Trump will appeal to the conservatives of America, but if this testimony is representative of what is in Mr. Trump’s heart – a form of religiosity – then let us be in prayer for this presidential candidate that he might come to know the risen Lord Jesus Christ through faith and repentance.

To understand more why this interview was disappointing yet typical of a professing American Christian testimony, please see the post yesterday at The Speak:Truth Project titled, A Rich Man’s Testimony.  When you come across a testimony from a professing Christian on the streets in witnessing encounters, it’s essential to know how to share the Gospel with someone who professes to be a Christian yet doesn’t seem to know what faith in Christ is.  This article will help you learn what to do.