Proclaiming the Truth to Hecklers & Encouraging Believers to Witness

Posted on July 4, 2011

These two videos from Tony Miano are very instructive. In the first video, Tony completes the reading from 1 John, calling for people to examine themselves in light of the Word of God. If one does not believe in the God of the Bible as defined by the God of the Bible, then one has created a god in their own image. If one does not believe in Jesus as defined through Holy Scripture but instead cherry picks particular verses to form their religious dogma, then they have created a false jesus – one that does not exist. I call such people to consider what has been presented in the following series: Jesus: Holy and Righteous God of Love and Wrath


In the second video, Tony speaks with Oscar, a fellow believer who has struggled in openly sharing his faith with strangers.  Listen to Tony encourage Oscar, and if you find yourself in the same shoes as Oscar, pray that God would give you the courage and help you overcome your fears in witnessing to strangers.  You may find the resources at The Speak:Truth Project helpful.