Olympics Mission – Day 2

Posted on July 28, 2012

Today was such a blessing to bring the message of Life and Hope to the streets of London. The fellowship has been wonderful and we have had such a privilege to be in this country to exalt the name of Jesus. It has been a very long day, but a blessed one for many reasons. I wish I could remember all the events of the day, but I am tired and having a bit of writer’s block lol….So, the following paragraph is a bit of a blurb followed by Tony’s testimony for the day plus some of his preaching, as well as some photos.

Today was a wonderful day here in London. One of the most encouraging things that happened for me was preaching near Shakespeare’s theater when a group of a dozen Brazillians stopped to listen and their leader interpreted the message for them. As they walked away, the leader raised his hand and yelled out “God bless you, keep preaching!”  On another occasion at another location, a different group of Brazillians stopped to pray for our group! The Lord has been so kind to us with the amount of encouragement He has brought through His people here. Though we’ve had several encounters with people who truly hate God and the Gospel (one guy even got in my face then kicked our stack of tracts and proceeded to curse Bobby and an older couple), we’ve been well more blessed by encouragement. We’ve also been able to encourage the saints here and pray for a youth pastor from Hamburg, Germany, who listened to Tony’s preaching for the better part of an hour. Two young skateboarding teenage girls took tracts as they passed me preaching, then turned around asking for Bibles, and following them a father and daughter returned after I finished the message to request a free Bible. While several of us engaged a self-professed Luciferian name David with the truth, we had a brother who we didn’t know sit beside us and pray over David the entire time we were witnessing to him. I was also able to observe a young woman seemingly broken over her sins through tears while Greg explained the Gospel to her. Thousands of people heard or read the Gospel today, and we got to worship our King through the preaching of His Word. Please continue to pray for a fruitful harvest as well as continued strength, courage, and love for these people. What an honor and blessing it is to be here, Soli Deo Gloria!

Tomorrow our plan is to attend Metropolitan Tabernacle (Charles Spurgeon’s church), evangelize for a few hours, then worship and fellowship with the brethren at GraceLife London. I can’t wait!

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