Olympics Mission – Day 4

Posted on July 31, 2012

This Frenchman takes a free Bible during Robert’s preaching and he and his family all gratefully received Gospel tracts.

Today was another glorious day of preaching the Glorious Gospel of Christ! All of the teams had prime locations between Hyde Park, Green Park, and Buckingham Palace. The stories I heard from other teams were incredible, including a seeming conversion during God’s work through Larry, Tony, and Bobby. Watch Tony explain it below from his video testimony as he describes today as the best day so far!

The Lord is so good and gracious to allow us to experience His work through the preaching of the Gospel. People from around the world are being saturated with the truth. They are asking us for Bibles and many are stopping to listen to the preaching and allowing us to share the truth with them. We are also being abundantly encouraged by many saints and able to encourage them as well. There’s much to talk about, but tonight I will simply share the preaching of my dear brother, Robert Gray, whom I look up to as a godly model of compassionate preaching to the lost in humble service to the Lord (the camera battery died at around 28 minutes). Please pray that God would water the seeds that were sown today and bring in a plentiful harvest for the sake and glory of His name!

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