Posted on October 26, 2015

Heaven’s Flower – the T.U.L.I.P.

Two weeks ago on twitter, I began a series of tweets accompanied by the hashtag #Calvinism101. I love the doctrines of grace (often referred to as “Calvinsm), and I love proclaiming them. I do so because they represent what the Bible reveals about God and His sovereign work in redemption. I believe all Christians believe these truths as well, though there is varying degrees of knowledge and even suppression of the truth (yes, it is possible for Christians to suppress the truth). This series, then, served to preach the glory of God in these lofty doctrines, and to hopefully inform any Christians with wrong views of Calvinism. Because, after all, Calvinism is the Gospel, but more on that in a future post. In honor of Reformation Week, here’s the sum of the #Calvinism101 tweets (note some tweets have been revised for better readability beyond twitter’s 140 character limitations) :

# By grace alone means by God alone. Calvinism#101

# The sheep Christ died for are given ears to follow Him, do follow Him, & won’t cease from following their Good Shepherd, Jesus. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# God’s love is such that He elects those who won’t nor can choose Him; He causes them to be born again so they can and will. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# God’s electing love is such that He gives faith to those who have none. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# God glorifies Himself through calling, justifying, sanctifying, & glorifying sinners He elected before time. He won’t forsake His glory. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Gods love isn’t conditional upon faith, repentance, obedience, perseverance, or love for Him. He loves us 1st & gifts what we have not ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Every single sinner Jesus died for inherits eternal life in heaven. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Jesus’ death reconciled sinners to God. There are no reconciled sinners in hell. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Jesus purchased with His blood a people for Himself from every tribe, language, people , & nation. Not one will perish in hell. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Jesus did not redeem the world; He redeemed a people out of the world. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# There’s a cup of Gods wrath for sinners to drink, except sinners for whom Jesus drank the cup in their place. The rest drink to the dregs ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Our God is in the heavens & does whatever He pleases. The Lord works ALL things according to the counsel of His will, not ours. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Nothing in all creation can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. We cant even snatch ourselves out of His hand. ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# Ever read how dead Lazarus was, Christian? That was you until Jesus made you alive. Dead men don’t believe anything, they’re D.E.A.D. ‪#‎Calvinism101

# The Slain Lamb guarantees salvation for His elect from every people group. Jesus won their freedom; they will reign with Him forever ‪#‎Calvinism101‬

# God created. Lucifer fell. Adam sinned. Jesus redeemed. Demons & sinners perish. Elect saints & angels worship. All Plan A. ‪#‎Calvinism101