Motocross in Church – During the Sermon

Posted on July 30, 2010

From the Museum of Idolatry

Relevance is a demanding lover. If you choose to chase after her she will insist that the spectacle be bigger and better with each attempt to woo her or she’ll kick you to the curb. Pastor Life Coach and circus Ring Leader Kerry Shook of Fellowship of the Woodlands (FOTW) which is located north of Houston, TX is trying desperately to keep Relevance’s attention. But its getting harder and harder to keep her happy. With each passing Sunday the show that Shook has to put on to keep Relevance interested must be more flashy and more glitzy and more expensive. Not too long ago Shook brought in a professional motocross jumper for one of his “sermon” illustrations and paid big money to have an elaborate outdoor mountain backdrop set up on stage. It was a real crowd pleaser and Relevance was delighted with it for a few minutes. But, rumor has it that Relevance has been very upset and pouty because the next two shows at FOTW weren’t as exciting. What will Kerry Shook do next? If he wants to keep Relevance happy he’s going to need to go bigger than motocross Sunday.

Don’t ya’ll miss the days when God’s Word and the message of the cross were the thing that people showed up to church for? Back then God’s word and the Lord’s Supper were enough and pastors were valued for their proper handling of God’s word and the boldness with which they proclaimed repentance and the forgiveness of sins in Jesus’ name. Now-a-days, many people only show up at some churches to see what’s going to happen during the show and they could care less about Jesus, God’s word and the cross because they’re not at church for any of those things. They’re at church to be entertained.

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