Pro-Choice to Pro-Life – Lives Changed!

Posted on September 2, 2011

A few weeks I posted the following quote from Tony Miano in his message, Abortion: America’s Modern Day Valley of Slaughter:

Judgment begins with the house of God. There are many in the American church today who are not truly pro-life. They claim to be pro-life yet they vote as if they are pro-choice. When they vote, they put their own quality of life over the lives of unborn children. They vote for candidates who are on par with their views on fiscal and defense issues, while willingly turning a blind eye to their murderous views regarding the unborn. If you claim to be pro-life, but vote for ANY reason for candidates who are pro-choice, then you are pro-choice! Stop lying to yourself, stop lying to God, you are pro-choice! You are not pro-life if you allow for the murder of the unborn because of the crimes of the father. If you think that it is OK to abort children because of rape and incest, you are willingly allowing for the murder of children because of the crimes of their father. Repent. If you don’t repent, then you are co-conspirators and accomplices to the murder of the unborn.


Indeed, if you are a professing Christian and you vote for a pro-abortion candidate such as President Obama, you are supporting his agenda to continue the murder of over a million babies in America each year.  You may profess to be pro-life, but your voting habits prove otherwise.  It is one thing to do so out of ignorance, it is quite another to be presented with the truth yet turn a blind eye so to vote in a manner that might improve your own welfare.  This is selfish behavior, not exemplary of the sacrificial love of others we are called to as children of the Most High God.

As a result of personal circumstance several months ago, I had the opportunity to view the new Living Waters documentary, 180, a few times while it was still in the editing process.  I was blown away at the precision in truth and the parallels drawn to convey the barbaric reality of abortion.  Frankly, this documentary will leave men and women without excuse to never again vote for pro-choice/abortion candidates.  If in the past you have voted for men and women who aim to sustain the murder of millions of babies in the womb and up to this point are considering voting in the same manner, won’t you take the time to watch this documentary?

I recently saw the following message on twitter,

To not understand is ignorance.  To willingly refuse to understand is arrogance.

Are you up for the challenge?  Are you willing to humble yourself and consider the implication of your voting habits?  If so, then I implore you to watch the following movie trailer:


After September 26, 2011, 180 will be available for viewing online for free.  Visit for more details and learn how you can partner with Living Waters to get this documentary in the hands of millions across the country, that this nation would be flipped upside down by the power of knowledge and the life-changing power of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your God-given responsibility and privilege to vote does matter – what are you going to do about it?