God’s Goodness = Man’s Worst Problem

Posted on November 15, 2011

The most terrifying truth of Scripture is that God is good. – Paul Washer

My good friend and dear brother Marcus Pittman of Crown Rights Media had the opportunity to interview Paul Washer at the 2011 Sermon Index Conference in Lilburn, Georgia a few weeks ago.  Knowing the interview was a presentation of the Gospel, I have been anxiously awaiting for Marcus to complete the editing.  The patience paid off, and brother Paul painted a beautiful picture of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Washer explains how man’s greatest problem is that God is good.  Many people wonder how such a statement could be made, but its truth resonates when one realizes their depravity.  You see, God’s goodness is man’s greatest problem because man is not good.  Because God is good, He must punish evil (and all natural men are evil).  In order for man to be forgiven, God’s justice must be satisfied.  A price had to be paid that only God could recompense.  He alone is able.  By Him alone is this possible.

Washer also defines repentance and gives an exhortation to examine oneself.  In a nutshell, he concisely says about repentance,

If you have changed your mind, everything else will change with it.

In watching this video, it may be the most important 12 minutes you ever spend.  Whether you are a professing Christian or not, I pray you take the time to watch Paul Washer explain the glorious and marvelous truth of God’s plan of redemption.  If you have any questions or concerns about your own walk of faith, please do contact me.

If you would like to listen to Paul Washer explain the concept of man’s problem of a good God in more detail, please see his 4/5/11 message titled, The Problem of a Good God.

May the Lord Jesus Christ find you in His amazing grace.  Now for the interview:

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