Make Much of Christ!

Posted on November 21, 2011

These last couple of months God has been working in me a deep desire to make much of Christ in sharing the Gospel with the lost.  While I wholeheartedly agree with the use of the Law to bring conviction of sin and a recognition of the holy wrath of God upon impenitent sinners, it seems there is an overemphasis of this in even biblical evangelism.  I am first to admit being guilty of this, so please allow me to explain.

This practice of “overemphasizing” the Law and justice – and by that I mean to say making much of Law and sin while making little of Christ – first began resonating with me in reading various Gospel tracts.  I’ve read countless tracts over the last couple of years, and too often Law and justice are thoroughly presented while adding the person and work of Christ as a mere afterthought.  Granted, some tracts have a smaller landscape for text, so one is limited to what can be written.  Nevertheless, it seems to me many tracts lack in making much of the Lord Jesus Christ. And it seems this has potential to overflow in our sharing of the Gospel verbally (and perhaps often does).

I’m sure most of us would confess, as we should, our endgame for proclaiming the Gospel is to glorify God and to love sinners by telling them how to be reconciled to Him.  But in practice, are we more eager to go through “the good person test“, or are we more eager to tell people of the beauty and glory of Christ?  How much time do we spend discussing the Law versus the time we spend on discussing the person and work of Christ?  I fully understand and agree with the concept of “Law to the proud, grace to the humble”, but if we end up making much of the Law even with the proudest of people, we must be sure to make much of Christ for those who realize their position before a holy God.

By no means have I arrived, nor will I ever, with what the Lord has been pressing on my heart.  But I am making it my aim to know the riches of God’s love, grace, and mercy for sinners through the glorious Lamb who suffered and died for me and was gloriously resurrected so that I could live.  This is not only for my personal edification, but so I can rightly proclaim Christ in a way that would bring Him the most honor and glory possible.

When I call men to repentance, I not only want them to understand what they would be turning from (namely a lifestyle of sin), but what hope and glory they would be turning to.  I want to emphasize the beauty and worthiness of Christ, that they would see His value infinitely greater than the pride and sin they have held onto.  Their repentance, of course, is not possible without the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration, but if my responsibility is to proclaim Christ and Him crucified, I want to do this well and pleasing to my Lord and Savior.

So how do we do this?  It’s simple really.  We do that which Christ prayed to His Father – we know Him (John 17:3).  This is eternal life, my friends – knowing Christ.  We know Christ and grow in the knowledge of grace by seeking His face through prayer and study of the Word of God.

I am endeavoring to know my Savior so I can love Him more.  If I love Christ more, I can share Him with others with greater confidence.  If I love and know Christ more, I can explain in greater detail the attributes of God and the glories of Christ, thus proclaiming Him in greater faithfulness to Scripture.  This then will make Christ more attractable to His sheep as His light is more brightly shone, yet it will cause the goats to be in greater contempt as they gnash their teeth while fleeing deeper into darkness to hide from the Light.  Nevertheless, Jesus be magnified!

All of Scripture is filled with the wisdom and knowledge of Christ.  But studying the Psalms, Isaiah, John, Ephesians, Colossians, and Hebrews may be the best places to start should you wish to join me.  I would love to get more of your thoughts regarding this topic and other suggestions in studying Christology through Scripture and written works by God-appointed pillars of the church.  You may find some of the works on my Amazon Wishlist to be helpful for you as you seek to grow in the knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In closing, I am fully aware we do not always have lengthy amounts of time in proclaiming the Gospel. In various situations, sometimes we are left with only seconds or minutes to share the Gospel with someone.  Be that as it may, I hope this post has encouraged you to seek Christ with all of your heart for your edification and to emphasize His beauty and the hope found only with Him when you are granted time to do so.

Never withhold the holiness, justice, righteousness, and wrath of God when sharing the Gospel, but don’t emphasize these attributes at the expense of underemphasizing love, mercy, grace and the hope and inheritances of the Kingdom of Heaven to those who repent and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for their salvation.

If we make much of the Law and sin, we better be sure to make much of our great God and King who alone has the power to forgive sins and bring salvation to men.

Soli Deo Gloria!