Biblical Open-air Preaching

Posted on January 10, 2012

Our friends at NorCal Seedsowers demonstrate biblical open-air preaching and evangelism in the following video. I was left praising God by the end as the Word went out in power, truth, compassion, humility, and love, despite ridicule and mockery from a few.

Always remember – we have been called to represent Christ when we preach the Gospel. As evangelists, we are to stand firm on the truth of God’s Word, proclaiming the Hope that is found in Jesus Christ alone, speaking boldly as we ought to speak – all in persevering love.

We are to be patient toward the lost, treating them with respect and humility, for when they slander you, your good conduct will shame them. When the lost oppose you, humbly correct them and be patient and gentle toward them, so God might grant them repentance.

This is our end game, saints. Our suffering conforms us to Christ, and it gives us cause to proclaim the Gospel and have joy to suffer for it. And when we do suffer, we get to honor our King by laying our life down for Him in the face of persecution, that others will see just what this King has done for us, that we would love people unconditionally that they would also come to Christ by our word and our testimony.

So when dealing with hecklers or those who oppose the message, always be kind and respectful. Your testimony is one of your greatest weapons, don’t let your flesh overcome you with pride and a vengeful heart.

I hope you are blessed with the godly testimony of these brothers and sisters:

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