Encouragement for Faithful Witnesses

Posted on February 15, 2012

The Speak:Truth Project joined over 100 evangelists at Super Bowl 46 February 3-5, 2012, through the Super Bowl Outreach ministry. The Lord truly blessed us with a great team that worked extremely well together as we had the opportunity to engage thousands of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As if that wasn’t blessing enough (read the full report here), yesterday I learned on Google + that Tony Marino from Alive in Christ Radio would be discussing the footage of some of my open-air preaching on Super Bowl Sunday.

This is the first I have heard of Tony or his radio program, but this radio network is broadcasted in 80 countries worldwide. I was completely floored when Tony informed me they would be “commenting on your heroic stance for Jesus in helping to save the lives of the lost.” How humbling that God would use our feeble efforts to reach and encourge so many people!

Tony and his guests took about 11 minutes to discuss the video and evangelism in general. If you share your faith boldly, especially if you are a street evangelist, then this is a must listen for you. Every time Tony and his guests mention my name, I want you to consider they are speaking about you too. Replace my name with your own, and be encouraged for the work of the Lord and the faithfulness He has given you to complete it. Know that you are God’s workmanship and He has chosen you to play an incredibly significant role in His glorious plan of redemption!

Perhaps sharing your faith boldly is something you struggle with. Let me encourage you that there are so many resources, included many found on this website, to help you overcome your fears in order to be obedient to the Great Commission. Please listen to this clip and pray the Lord would give you the courage and equipping to unashamedly share the Gospel with your loved ones, strangers, and anyone in your circle of influence. If you live in the Charlotte area, consider coming out with us some time to observe our street ministry. You will be thankful you did in seeing how the Lord works in His people to call His sheep to repentance!

Glory to God alone for this clip and may He use it to edify the Body of Christ to be more obedient to the work He has commissioned us through Christ to complete.

(The original video can be viewed in full below the radio program clip):

(NOTE: The Speak:Truth Project does not share or reflect all views or support all teachers of Alive in Christ Radio)

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