Introducing Cities4Life in the War Against Abortion

Posted on February 14, 2012

And [Jesus] said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. – Luke 10:2

The Speak:Truth Project is committed to the unashamed proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We exist solely to glorify God in heralding the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth. TSTP has been most blessed over the last year in sharing the Gospel with countless numbers of people through weekly outreaches and special events that include major sports, concerts, parades, and festivals (click here for more info). As we approach our first anniversary as an official ministry of street evangelism, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Cities4Life in the war against abortion.

Many of you have probably seen the award-winning documentary produced by Living Waters titled, 180. This short film draws a stunning parallel between the Jewish holocaust where over 6 million Jews were murdered under the rule of Adolf Hitler and America’s holocaust where over 53 million babies have been murdered since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision four decades ago. 53 MILLION babies. Dead. Murdered. 1.2 million babies slaughtered every year. 100,516 every month. 23,196 ever week. 3,304 every day. 137 every hour. 1 baby murdered every 26 seconds (source). Has your heart sunk yet? Before 180 became available, the Lord had already begun working in the hearts of my wife and me. 2011 was a pivotal year for us as we have increasingly felt a conviction to fight for the cause of these voiceless children. 180 only confirmed these convictions, and with our learning of Cities4Life, our convictions can be put into practice through an established pro-life network.

It was not without caution that I explored the Cities4Life ministry. While I am not an expert on the pro-life movement, I have observed that many pro-life organizations are ecumenical and/or have a primary goal of saving babies. Such an objection might sound alarming for some readers, but the truth is, if our main purpose is not to save souls or if we compromise the Gospel in this pro-life movement, then we have our priorities mixed up. Paul writes in Colossians 3:2,

Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

This is what sets Cities4Life apart from many pro-life ministries out there. The life that C4L is most concerned with is the eternal state of the individuals engaged at the abortion mills. This ministry’s mind is set on heavenly things, which is why the Gospel of Jesus Christ is front and center. If all we aim to do in the pro-life movement is to save lives from murder, what have we gained in light of eternity? Should our efforts to save the lives of these precious babies not be fueled by an eternal perspective?

A few weeks ago, TSTP had the privilege to attend the Cities4Life dinner with Sherwood Pictures’ Alex Kendrick (Fireproof, Courageous, etc.). The Gospel-centered mission of C4L was made clear that night, and after observing the ministry in action the next day at the Latrobe Abortion Mill, I was convinced C4L was rooted in Gospel love, compassion, humility, and genuine concern for the life and soul of the baby and mother and father of these unborn children. Additionally, we were able to attend this last weekend’s quarterly C4L Frontline Training Session that included two hours of guidelines, expectations, and strategies, as well as three hours the following day in putting what we learned into practice at Latrobe.

It struck me during Friday night’s training that I could hardly believe I was in a training session for the pro-life movement. After all, just a few years ago my perception of the “abortion clinic people” was that they were radical and there was a better way of speaking against abortion. Well, maybe they are radical. Maybe I’m radical too. Yet, aren’t all Christians radical? Isn’t love radical? Wasn’t Jesus radical? If radical means shining the Light on the darkness, if radical means proclaiming the Life and Hope that is found only in Jesus Christ, if radical means GOING as Jesus commissioned to the darkest of places, if radical means crucifying our flesh with its passions and desires and taking up our crosses daily, if radical means standing in direct opposition against the powers of darkness, if radical means confronting sin with the power of God through the Gospel proclamation, if radical means speaking for the voiceless victims of abortion, if radical means being obedient and faithful to my King – then yes, I will wear the badge of “radical” with honor.

I invite you too, dear reader, to wear this badge with us. I invite you to get into the trenches to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ with these men and women. Abortion is, after all, a Gospel issue!

There are many ways you can join in the efforts of Cities4Life. I first encourage you to search through the C4L website to learn more about their mission and purpose. There are several helpful videos that will give you a better glimpse of the heart of the ministry. The following is a brief list of how you can serve:

  1. The greatest need right now is faithful servants to minister at the abortion mills. Ideally, C4L would like to minister the Gospel every day of the week at all three Charlotte abortion mills. Even your mere presence can have a tremendous impact on a woman considering an abortion. With thirty or so saints out there on Saturday, one lady drove in the parking lot and drove right back out stating she just couldn’t do it. The Lord knows how the presence of these believers played a role in deterring this woman away from murdering her baby. In fact, 11 babies were saved last week and at least one person may have given her life to Christ! Whether you are directly sharing the Gospel, pleading with the women to take the resource material, or praying for the mother, father, and baby, you are needed!
  2. C4L needs RN’s that would be willing to be trained (and possibly get support from their local church for the funds of $1000 for training) in the use of ultrasound equipment. The Monroe HELP Crisis Pregnancy Center in Monroe, NC has a mobile ultrasound unit that is willing and able to go out to the abortion mill on Latrobe every single day they are open, but as of now they are only able to go out there one day a week. Why? Because there are not enough volunteer nurses willing to accompany the RV to these places of death. When women see their baby on ultrasound, 80% of them choose life for their child. So, this is an important, life saving resource, as well as a great evangelistic tool, as their counselors are also trained in evangelism!
  3. Life support groups are needed in churches for discipleship and meeting temporal needs of the mother and baby. The Life Groups will be established in local church bodies across the greater Charlotte region and throughout SC. These Life Groups can meet to do a variety of life-saving things such as: raising funds for sidewalk counseling material, coming out to the abortion mills in Charlotte as a church (most churches schedule to come out once a week or once a month), throwing a baby shower for a mom in need, host and mentor a woman or family who chooses life. Basically, they are keeping up with how they can best serve the needs of those in the Cities4Life Frontline and back-end ministries best as a church body.
  4. Please see the “Join the Movement” image above for others ways you can get involved.

If you are passionate about the pro-life movement but the extent of your passion stops at the computer keyboard, please consider getting off the bench and stepping into action. If you feel you’re not equipped, get equipped by joining Cities4Life. This is new territory for us at The Speak:Truth Project, so you are not alone in your fear of the unknown. But isn’t that what faith is all about? Are you ready to step out on faith with us?

I can tell you personally the two times we have ministered at the abortion mill have been both heartbreaking and rewarding. Heartbreaking because of the stench of death and the darkness that surrounds this place, yet rewarding because of the impact we are having as God’s vessels in saving the lives of babies and the souls of men and women. We are directly confronting evil and waging war against the powers of darkness, but the god of this world is no match for the Kingdom of God and the light of the glorious Gospel of Christ!

TSTP is committed to at least one outreach per month. These outreaches will generally take place on the first or second Saturday of each month. If you have questions about the ministry or want to get involved, please visit C4L’s Get Involved page, or contact TSTP if you would like to come out and observe a Saturday outreach with us. We pray you do!

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p.s. Cities4Life has played a significant role for The Morning Center choosing Charlotte, NC to be one of three homes for the Morning Center Mobile Care Unit. Check out this short video (don’t you want to be a part of this?):