Christians Voting for Pro-abortion Obama

Posted on December 5, 2011

Even as a false convert in 2008, I could not understand how any Christian could vote for Barack Obama, especially with knowledge of his pro-abortion record.  As expected, Obama’s record has continued to reflect his determination to continue to keep legal the barbaric murder of the unborn.  The more I have researched abortion this year due to a personal conflict, the more difficulty I have understanding how any born again believer could possibly vote for any pro-abortion candidate.

I recently posted the following messages that admonish any professing believer about the danger of their decision to vote for pro-choice/pro-abortion candidates like Barack Obama:

Why Christians Should NEVER Vote for Obama (or any other pro-choice/pro-abortion candidate)

Abortion in America

If you have read these articles and listened to their messages, including viewing the award-winning documentary 180, and still believe you have the freedom to vote for Barack Obama because of your personal circumstances, please watch the short 5 minute video below.  It reviews some of the emails received by Living Waters in response to 180, real lives who have been changed by watching this documentary.  Consider these three quotes from people who have been radically changed by the documentary:

I have always been pro-life but have voted for presidents who are not.

Thank you for changing my mind on how I view abortion and how I plan on voting in the future.

How could you ever be the same after watching this?

What is the implication here? It’s very simple – those who are truly pro-life will never vote for a pro-abortion candidate.  You can give all the lip service you’d like, but your actions in the voting booth prove your loyalties – whether to life or to comfort.

One who hates abortion will never vote for a pro-abortion candidate. It is impossible.  So if you feel you can hypocritically give lip service about being pro-life while voting for Barack Obama, then your actions prove you are pro-abortion and you do not hate abortion at all.

Consider also the following quote in a recent article from The Gospel Coalition,

According to Deuteronomy 21, the shedding of innocent blood leaves everyone in the community under bloodguilt. Those who actively shed blood are guilty. Those who watch it or take no steps to stop it are guilty. Even if you can pray, “Our hands did not shed this blood, nor did our eyes see it shed” (Deut. 21:7), the whole community is still under bloodguilt. An act of atonement is required (Deut. 21:8). Only then will the bloodguilt be “purged” (Deut. 21:9).

Did you catch that? Whether you believe so or not, our community is under bloodguilt for the murder of 53 million unborn babies.  Especially guilty are those who aimlessly watch it happen and take no steps to stop it – including being unethical and irresponsible for their choosing to vote for pro-abortion candidates.

Now, I ask you to watch the 5 minute video below. Consider how these people have actually been changed.  Then consider why it is you did not change after watching 180Then watch 180 again and see if the Lord uses it to remove the scales from your eyes to show you what you must do (or not do) in November 2012.  If by God’s grace you are changed by 180, then take the first step in your fight against abortion by promoting the Gospel-centered documentary to all of your friends and family.

Love God.  Love life.  Hate evil. Hate murder.  Be conformed to the truth.  Begin here: