The Way(s) of the Master

Posted on March 16, 2012

I got a chance to listen to Jesse Johnson’s message from the 2012 Shepherd’s Conference titled The Way(s) of the Master this morning, and I must say it was challenging and gave me a lot to chew on. Jesse began the lecture by giving an overview of the various methods of evangelism, some effective and some not so effective. Because of its popularity and success among the Church today, the focus of the message was on Ray Comfort’s Way of the Master.

I thought Jesse did a fine job in qualifying his lecture with his respect and appreciation for WOTM and he made clear his desire to come alongside as a brother on the same team to see how we can be more biblical in our approach to evangelism. WOTM has certainly been instrumental in preparing me for effective and biblical evangelism, and I am very thankful for this ministry and consider it a great honor and delight to serve beside saints affiliated with WOTM and hundreds who have been positively impacted by it. So I very much appreciated Jesse’s humility and candor in addressing this topic.

Ultimately, the proper use of the Law is what drives this lecture and whether there is one approach to biblical evangelism. I’d like to have a discussion on Jesse’s points and any other comments you might have with this method of using the law. Has Jesse given you something to consider? Will you change how you share the Gospel in light of his arguments? Let’s discuss it after you get a chance to listen.

Go here for download: The Way(s) of the Master

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