Mission to Olympics Is Here!

Posted on July 26, 2012

Today is the day the Lord sends us off to London to be ambassadors of the Gospel during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Words cannot express the joy I feel from the love, encouragement, and support I have received these last few months. I am so grateful to all of you in everything you have done to contribute and support me in the Lord’s work. The prayer, love, and encouragement given me in the past few weeks has been overwhelming. God has blessed me beyond words through the fellowship of my church and closest brothers as the love of Christ has truly been manifested in them toward me. With all of the security risks involved in traveling to London at this time, this love and support has helped my wife and I all the more lay our anxieties before the Lord’s throne trusting He is in control and He will sustain us by His grace.

One of the greatest privileges of our trip to London is the fellowship we will experience. I am so looking forward to spending time with these brothers and sisters as we fellowship in the Gospel and grow in our commitment in loving one another. The following saints are on our team:

  • Bill Adams
  • Tony Miano
  • Robert Gray
  • Scott Smith
  • Jason Slade
  • Bobby McCreery
  • Greg Marlin
  • Larry Sullivan
  • Tom Sadowski
  • Dorothy Boyett
  • Jim Smyrl
  • David Dye
  • Andrew Rappaport
  • Ina Bækkedal
  • Justin Edwards

Lord willing, I will try to keep a daily journal of our activities here on airō and offer ways you can pray for us as we engage people from around the world with the Gospel. You might also want to follow Tony’s blog at Cross Encounters as I believe he will be doing the same.

Your prayers for us and our families while we are gone are cherished.

We take off this evening and will arrive in London Friday morning. Our first day’s activities are planned to include settling in to our residence and be welcomed by the brethren at GraceLife London  for prayer and fellowship. We will then herald the glorious Gospel of our Savior during Opening Ceremony tomorrow night.

May our gracious God and King be glorified in all that we do over the next two weeks and may the Lord Jesus Christ bring salvation to many of His sheep scattered among the nations present in London for the Olympics! Soli Deo Gloria!

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