Perverted Love, Sex, and Abortion

Posted on September 18, 2012

Flee from sexual immorality… – 1 Corinthians 6:18a

On the drive in to work today, I caught a significant portion of a sermon by John MacArthur titled Fundamental Christian Attitudes: Love.  What I’d like to share with you is an excerpt where he discusses the world’s perverted definition of love and the consequences of practicing this self-serving worldly attribute (the Bible would call this attribute “the lust of the flesh”).

Scripture constantly warns us to flee sexual immorality (1 Corinthians 6:18; Ephesians 5:3; Colossians 3:5) and is clear that the sexually immoral will not inherit the Kingdom of God (Galatians 5:19-20; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10). The god of this world has deceived the world with this lustful counterfeit, but oh how corrupt is the visible church in her idolatrous sexual immorality.

The visible church (comprised of unbelieving goats and Christ’s sheep) has collectively opened her doors to the influences of the culture, so it is no surprise that so many professing christians engage in sexual immorality and partake in the unfruitful works of darkness such as “abortion, fornication, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, even feminism”, and as MacArthur says, these sexual issues are all an outright assault on genuine, self-sacrificing love. And, it is no wonder that we meet so many professing christians at the abortion mills each week, sporting hipster church bumper stickers and professing Christ with their lips, yet having devised a wicked plan to shed the innocent blood of their own babies on the idolatrous altar of self (see what God has to say about that in Proverbs 6:16-20). It is such a tragedy in the church today.

After you read MacArthur draw the direct correlations between perverted love, sex, and abortion, check out this video depicting just how fallen the postmodern church is. The only solution to her problem is to repent from her idolatry and self-righteousness and obey the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, lest she, and every false believer within her, be spewed from His mouth and suffer everlasting destruction (Revelation 3:14-22).

When you say “love” in the world today, what are you really talking about? When a guy says he loves a girl, what is that love asking for? If you’re married and you fall in love, that justifies sexual sin. If you’re single and you fall in love, that justifies sexual sin. If you’re a man and you fall in love or you have a love relationship with another man, that justifies homosexuality. If you’re a woman and you say you have a love for this other woman, that justifies lesbianism. It is the world’s perversion. And all these love songs endlessly, and all these television programs and films and all the stuff that keeps defining love purely in sexual terms demonstrates that this is the world’s corruption of the real thing.

Let me take it a step further and just kind of peak your thinking about where our culture is. The abortion battle, for example, to show you how steeped we are in this false love, how steeped we are in the sexual definition of relationships, let me talk about abortion for a moment. The abortion battle is not over babies, the abortion battle is not a battle about whether we ought to kill babies just for the sake of killing babies. Nobody is going to vote to legalize killing babies just for the sake of killing babies. The only reason people want to kill these babies is because the issue is not babies, it is sex. That’s the issue. If abortion had nothing to do with sex, it would never be legalized.

Now when I was a little kid I first heard that storks brought babies. I’ll tell you this, if storks brought babies, nobody would legalize abortion. Nobody would legalize the murder of those babies if storks brought babies. But, you see, sex is the issue. People demand to have sex. And a conceived child may be an unfortunate consequence to that sex, so the issue is not stop the sex, the issue is…what?…kill the child. What are they trying to say? It’s not that they hate babies, it’s not even that they hate fetuses, it’s not that they love murder, it’s that they want their sex to that degree. We are willing in our society to murder the most innocent among us, willing to murder the most defenseless, willing to do that…follow this one…willing to do that in the face of the strongest instinct to protect which is motherhood. When a society can convince the mother to execute her child, that society has a powerful influence because motherhood is instinctively protected. It is a miracle of black magic, satanic magic. It is a stunning success, this abortion. It is not a success for those who hate babies, that’s not the issue. It is a success for those who want sex without any implications.

Free sex means we have to accept fornication. Nothing wrong with that. Free sex means we have to accept adultery. It means we have to accept homosexuality. All of those things have to be redefined as honorable and loving expressions. As long as there’s love, we hear, it’s okay. And I just want you to understand, folks, everything is for sex, everything. And it has corrupted our culture to the core. The family, the home, the place where unselfish love is learned is a disaster of sexual promiscuity on every front. We have a whole society geared to take whatever they want with no heart to give. Take your sexual fulfillment, if you don’t like the consequences, kill it. Take and if you get AIDS, elevate your punishment to a symbol of courage, become a hero. Take your sexual activity and when you’re tired of the one you’re taking from, discard that one and go take from another one. Our society is absolute obsessed with sex, and with it is the death of any normal reasonable understanding of love.

I’m not sure we really always recognize these things. I think you can go back to, as Augustine put it, the war between the city of God and the city of man, there’s a massive cultural war, a massive cultural conflict and the war is raging today. And let me tell you something, folks, the war that rages between the city of God, that would be biblical Christianity and the city of man, that’s the satanic world system, let me tell you this, it surrounds basically one single area and that is sex. Within the moral realm in our society the conflict is almost exclusively about sex. That one thing sums up all the most violent areas of battle between Christians and the world. Abortion, fornication, adultery, divorce, homosexuality, even feminism, those are all sexual issues. And they are all an outright assault on love…

…The extent to which that satanic system will go for freedom to commit sexual sin is nowhere better seen than in abortions. We read about murders and we read about killings all the time, but just remember this, ninety-nine percent of all murders in the U.S. are abortions. That’s how much we want our sexual freedom. People are willing to murder to maintain it. As one writer put it, “Abortion is the willingness to kill for the sake of the willingness to copulate.” That’s it. So here we are in this society redefining love in connection with its sexual demands and sexual freedoms and nothing could be further from a proper understanding. In fact, it’s exactly what Ephesians 5 expects, that instead of the real thing, the world is going to come along and substitute immorality, impurity, driving lust, filthiness, silly talk, coarse jesting, all the dirty talk that goes with a sexually oriented, promiscuous culture.

Now the question comes to us, this selfish sexual society desperately needs to see true love, where they going to see it? Well there’s only one place they’re going to see it and that’s in us. Let’s go to John 13…

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