Would You Seek the Abolition of Pedophilia?

Posted on January 4, 2013

In 2012, American Christians flocked to Chic-Fil-A to support them in their biblical position on marriage. I truly believe that if there was that kind of passion to abolish abortion through the preaching of the Gospel to loose the chains of bondage, by loving our pre-born neighbors as ourselves, and by exposing the works of darkness by pressuring the government and engaging the culture of death, abortion would cease to be legal in this nation in accordance with God’s will.

Consider this for reflection: If pedophilia and human trafficking were legal in America, how would your Christianity play out under this reality? If there were legal brothels where children were abused daily, would you stand outside these brothels and preach against the numerous sins involved in this practice, that these works of darkness would be exposed? Would you preach the Gospel outside the brothels, the only hope for reconciliation between wicked man and our Holy God? Would you try to engage parents who did not want their children any longer and intended to give their children to these brothels? Would you offer to adopt these children? Would you offer assistance to the parents through parent education, etc.? Would you pray for the brothel staff and their customers, that they would repent and believe the Gospel?

Would you petition the government to end this evil against God and humanity, doing whatever you can within biblical constraints to pressure government to ban its practice? Would you engage the culture about this great evil, that it would open up opportunities to tell the culture about the Gospel, which is truly the only way the heart of the culture would be changed to effect the abolition of the legal practice of pedophilia?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you can understand how many Christians are waking up to the reality that children are indeed being victimized every day through the barbaric and evil act of abortion. Out of love for God, love for the lost, and love for these precious children made in the image of God, we engage the culture of death in various ways to shine the Light into the darkness through the Gospel and effect its abolition to save lives. This work apart from the Gospel is vanity, but we believe this work is integral to what it means to be a Christian and “obeying all that Christ has commanded”.

This is not to say that every Christian must stand outside an abortion clinic to minister the Gospel, but I do believe each of us can play a small part in effecting its abolition through a church culture of life. Whether that is praying for those involved in abortion mill ministry, volunteering at Christ-centered crisis pregnancy centers, offering assistance through mercies ministries, not sweeping abortion under the rug but being vocal about it with people you engage with, and ending the compromise with politicians through incremental strategies to end abortion, but rather demanding the immediate abolition of abortion (for instance, voting only for candidates who are 100% prolife with no exceptions, and who will work on abolishing abortion).

It could be God’s will to not abolish abortion in this nation. It could be there will never be another revival in America. It could be that the visible church in America continues to apostatize. It could be that our culture and government continue to get more evil until it is finally destroyed by the wrath of God. But, just as we must not stop praying for revival, we must not stop praying for the church, we must not stop preaching the Gospel, and we must not stop praying for our leaders, we must not stop loving our pre-born neighbors as ourselves simply because our evil government has made it legal to murder them.

We must not base our actions on what we think the future holds, we must base our actions on what God has commanded us, and He has commanded us to be faithful, to be salt and light, and to obey the greatest two commandments to love God and love our neighbor, whoever our neighbor may be.

This is why we seek to end legalized abortion to the glory of God, whether or not God will abolish abortion according to His Glorious Sovereign Plan.