Gospel Spam: A New Blogging Adventure

Posted on February 11, 2014

What happens when you put together a couple premillennialists, a few postmillennialists, and a few others in between that theological divide? Gospel Spam. It’s the new blogging adventure beginning this week.

We obviously don’t agree on a few doctrines, and likely disagree on any number of current events and issues impacting the culture, but that’s the point. Gospel Spam was created to bring men together from different theological backgrounds to discuss things – like men. We also hope you will join the discussion, which is sure to be challenging, sharpening, and hopefully edifying.

Today is my inaugural post for Gospel Spam. The question I implicitly raised this morning is –

How do you handle yourself when discussing difficult theological doctrines such as eschatology, especially when the view might be as aberrant as theonomy?

It turns out that even in our disagreements of such key doctrines, we are still called to bear with one another in love. See what happens when a postmillennialist and a dispensationalist walk into a…


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