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Rioting in America if Mitt Romney Wins Election

November 5, 2012


Dear Mr. Rioter, You don’t know me, but I’ve come to learn about you over the last few weeks. I’ve been following you on recent news reports where you have threatened to start a riot if Mitt Romney wins the 2012 U.S. Presidential election. I’ve noticed how infatuated you are with our current president, Barack […]

Mitt Romney’s Rape and Incest Exceptions for Abortion

October 10, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, I posted why I’m not voting for Mitt Romney (and with a clear conscience) this presidential election. In just two weeks, the article is the 6th most viewed article of all time here on airō, and the 4th most viewed this year. The article also has the most facebook “likes” […]

Why I’m NOT Voting for Mitt Romney (& with a clear conscience)

September 24, 2012


There was a time when I would have questioned someone’s patriotism or dedication to righteousness if they did not vote for the Republican candidate. I’ve only voted in three previous presidential elections, but I remember each time accusing other Christians of failing in their civic duty and Christian responsibility to “vote for the person Jesus […]

Addressing Arguments to Vote for Mitt Romney

September 11, 2012


Let me begin by saying that I have dear brothers and sisters in Christ who will be voting for Mitt Romney on November 6. This series is not at all to cause division among myself and them, nor is it meant to cause division among any of you who are reading this post. This series […]