Love Enough to Speak of Jesus (This Christmas)

Posted on December 23, 2013

gospelChristmas is here again, which means most of us will be gathered with friends and family for one or more days over the next week. Ironically for many Christians, we do not take advantage of this time to speak of the most important thing we could ever speak of – salvation through Jesus Christ.  A variety of excuses plague our minds to not speak of Christ, and we oftentimes succumb to fear and keep silent when opportunities arise. But what better time to speak of the glories of Christ than the time when even the world acknowledges His incarnation, if even superficially?

Last Sunday, with tender, pastoral care, my pastor, Gary Hendrix of Grace Reformed Baptist Church, exhorted our church family to “love enough to speak of Jesus”, especially this Christmas. If you have fallen victim to any number of excuses that have prevented you from sharing Christ in the past with a loved one, this message is for you. How many years have gone by that we still haven’t opened our mouths to tell people the Good News of Jesus Christ? How often do we not speak up because we desire to “keep the peace”? Do we ever consider that we may not have another year to tell our loved ones the truth? Do we ever consider that Christ the Peacemaker broke peace every time He spoke the truth to those who hated Him? Are we willing to love people enough to graciously tell them the truth even it means they will hate us? When are we going to speak? These are just a few questions raised that will challenge you to redeem the time and speak of the love of God in Christ Jesus. Click the following link to download the mp3: Love Enough to Speak of Jesus

If your difficulty is finding ways to bring Christ into your conversations this week, you might find Mike Riccardi’s article at The Cripplegate helpful: Starting Gospel Conversations: Christmas Edition

Beloved, how precious is Jesus to us? How wonderful and marvelous and glorious and beautiful and gracious and merciful is our Savior? Do we love enough to tell people how wonderful He is? Do we love them enough to confront people in the sin that is keeping them from coming to Christ? Let’s pray for opportunities this week to tell our loved ones how they can be forgiven and be reconciled to our gracious God and King. Isn’t Christ worthy?

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