Upheld for Destruction by the Word of His Power

Posted on April 24, 2014


Consider the power and majesty of Jesus Christ, even in the destruction of sinners. We read in Hebrews 1:3 that Jesus upholds “all things by the word of His power”. Whether stars or planets, lillies or lions, oceans or snow flakes, gasses or stones, angels or demons, or humans, the Lord Jesus Christ holds it all together by His word.

Would this also not include the eternal order, whereby He has given His vessels of mercy, who have believed on Him, glorified bodies to worship Him forever; and also those vessels of destruction, who have denied Him, bodies who will suffer the eternal wrath of the Lamb for their rebellion and rejection of their King? Will Jesus Christ not fit each vessel for eternity, the one for everlasting glory, and the other for everlasting damnation? Will Jesus Christ not still hold by the word of His power His beloved saints and elect angels to bless the Lamb with eternal praise in heaven, but also hold together the wicked and demons who will weep and gnash their teeth in the flames of eternal hell?

It seems to me the only way for sinners to endure eternal destruction, but never be annihilated, is that the Lord of Glory continues to uphold all things by the word of His power. What an awful eternity, to wish one could be annihilated, but be sustained by the power of Jesus Christ so they can receive their eternal reward. They will wish they had never been born at all.

But one doesn’t have  to die…come to your senses, dear sinner, and please don’t die.

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