God’s Wrath Is Coming – Repent and Believe!

Posted on February 29, 2012

In the following video, Pastor Jorge Mendoza warns,

Many people hear this and don’t respond. Maybe you’ve heard it all your life and haven’t responded. And you think you’re being neutral….”I’m not saying no” but by not saying “yes”, by not turning, you’re saying “no!” You’re actively deciding against Him.

In fact, you’re worse than those who say no, outright, because you say to yourself and you say to others, “yes, God is important, and one day I will give my life to Him. Yes, I know that He is good, yes, I know that I owe all my blessings to Him. He gave me my job, He gave me my family, my wife, and my kids, He’s been so good to me.” You don’t say anything bad about Him, but when He calls you to repent and believe, you quietly ignore Him.

You think you’re doing Him a favor because you say, “I’ll come some day.” That’s not a favor, that’s an insult. “You’re good, You’re just not good enough for me to come now. There are other things right now that are more precious to me than You. My sin is more beautiful than You. My plan is more important than Yours. My standing in the view of others is more important to me. You are good, You’re just not good enough for me to come NOW. I’ll come one day when I’m all wasted up, I’ll come one day when I have nothing left to give You, I’ll come one day when it’s my time. I’ll come one day when I’m ready.” But what you’re saying to God is saying, “God, I’ll come on my terms, not Yours. I’ll come when I want to.”

You’re acting like a friend, when you’re really an enemy.

If this is you, please do watch the video:

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