airō Top Posts for 2011

Posted on December 28, 2011

2011 has been a great year for airō.  The Lord allowed for me to transition from blogger to WordPress, which has caused an increase in traffic for a number of reasons.  The Lord also blessed me to become a contributor for the Christian Research Network shortly after the transition.  The consequences of these changes have resulted in a huge increase in traffic, which means many more people have been exposed to the Gospel and other helpful resources to examine one’s faith and be exhorted to holiness and sound doctrine.

I am so thankful for the many readers who have visited the website and shared it with your friends on the internet.  It’s been wonderful and encouraging to get to know many of you through facebook and the comment sections on the blog.  I hope to hear from many more of you in 2012 as we sharpen one another in Christ. If this is your first time here and you like what you see, feel free to subscribe by email (to the right) or add airō to your preferred RSS feeder (like Google Reader).

Below you will find a top 10 list from 2011, which is based on the number of views for each article.  I’ve also provided a top 10 list of my favorite posts, in addition to links to a few of the series I’ve done in 2010 and 2011.

As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback so I can make airō a place that glorifies the Lord Jesus Christ to the best of my ability.  May Christ be glorified in your life in 2012 as you seek His face and be conformed to Him by the marvelous grace of our great God and Savior.

Top 10 in 2011

  1. May 21, 2011 and the Harold Camping Cult “Prophecy”
  2. Christians and Christmas Traditions
  3. Tim Tebow’s Christan Evangelism
  4. Thin-skinned Christians and Accountability
  5. Halloween? Should Christians Celebrate?
  6. You Don’t Believe Because…
  7. Why Christians Should NEVER Vote for Obama (or any other pro-choice/pro-abortion candidate)
  8. Jeffrey Dahmer Epitomizes Evolutionary Theory
  9. Don’t Believe in Vain This Christmas
  10. “God Has Forgiven You” Church Sign

2010-2011 Series

  1. 68 Reasons Why God Sovereignly Saves
  2. What Is Wrong with NON-Lordship Salvation?
  3. Jesus: Holy and Righteous God of Love and Wrath
  4. Biblical Assurance of Salvation

My Favorites from 2011 (no particular order)

  1. Make Much of Christ!
  2. The Lordship Salvation Controversy
  3. Who Am I According to God? Who Are You?
  4. Justice, Mercy, and Grace
  5. Are You Living a Lie?
  6. The Gospel Is for Christians
  7. Heart Inventory – do you serve god or God?
  8. Furtick’s Elevation Church on Evangelism
  9. How to Discuss Reformed Theology
  10. What Is Discipleship?
  11. Jesus Died for Me
  12. Dear “Carnal Christian”
  13. The Glory of God in Marriage
  14. Speech Seasoned with Grace
  15. Stories of Change – Christ Redeems!
  16. The Tale of a Good Person
  17. Christians Voting for Pro-abortion Obama
  18. Why Are You Saved?
  19. People Who Will NOT Go to Heaven
  20. The Dead Will Hear and Live!
  21. God Saves Bad People
  22. God Hates Westboro Baptist Church
  23. Parental Resource Recommendations
  24. Husbands, Love Your Wives
  25. Terrorism Warning – What Will You Do?
  26. God’s Light Must Shine in Us. First.
  27. Circumcision of the Heart and the Irresistible Call
  28. “Why Evangelize If Election Is True?”
  29. God’s Goodness = Man’s Worst Problem
  30. The Attributes of God – Shai Linne
  31. Preach Hell with Agonizing Vigor
  32. Why Every Calvinist Should be a Premillennialist
  33. Hell Is Real, It’s Forever, and It’s No Party
  34. Homosexual Sin Is Not Exclusive
  35. You Shall Come!
  36. Do Not Serve Needy without the Gospel
  37. Todd Bentley and Morningstar Apostasy
  38. Christless, Secular “Worship” Music at North Point Community Church
  39. Osama, Terrorism, Despair, and Hope
  40. “I Am” Movie Blasphemes I AM

And here’s a bonus – my favorite video from 2011: