2012 Year in Review

Posted on December 31, 2012

2012 has been an incredible year for me and my family. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways this year, and some of the highlights include:

  • Becoming pregnant with our 3rd child, Canaan Wyatt, who is due in February 2013
  • Growing in grace with our new church family at Creekside Bible Church
  • My wife cutting back to part-time work toward the goal of being home full time
  • Growing in my understanding and desire to be faithfully committed to my family and to our local church
  • Leading a team to preach the Gospel at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis
  • Joining a team led by Bill Adams to preach the Gospel at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London (a special thank you for each of you who prayerfully and financially supported this work)
  • Becoming active in Gospel-centered pro-life ministry

As far as the blog is concerned, I significantly cut back on the amount of posts published this year. In fact, roughly 100 less articles were published in 2012 than in 2011, but I’m rather happy with the number as I was able to devote more time to other priorities.

I think the biggest praise report for the blog is not in the number of articles published, but in the global reach the blog had in 2012. Visitors from 170 countries landed on the blog, including visitors from 12 countries I have never heard of: Mauritius, Namibia, Jersey, Faroe Islands, Brunei Darussalem, Moldova, Benin, Seychelles, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Macao, and Burundi. The Lord knows how many of these visitors were exposed to the Gospel!

I’d like to thank all the readers, whether you’re new to the blog or have been around since the beginning in 2010, for your interest, time, and contribution to the discussions. I’d also like to thank you for sharing the material here as it has played a significant role in visitors from around the world learning more about the Lord Jesus Christ, perhaps some unto salvation.

The following are the Top 10 posts from the year, followed by my Top 10 favorite posts of which you may have missed and a bonus video. May 2013 be a year of greater humility, compassion, love, faith, hope, longsuffering, patience, kindness, mercy, grace, and joy for us all as we seek to glorify God in our knowledge, communion, and love for Him.

Top 10 (in order of most viewed)

  1. Charles Stanley and False Assurance of Salvation
  2. Why I’m NOT Voting for Mitt Romney (& with a clear conscience)
  3. John Piper on Rick Warren’s “Chrislam”
  4. The Precious Word of God
  5. John Piper on Lectio Divina…
  6. Lordship Salvation
  7. Greg Laurie: All Christians Are Not Disciples
  8. 40 Days for Life, Catholics, and Christians
  9. Urgent: White House Petition for the Immediate Abolition of Abortion
  10. 10 Reasons the Holy Spirit Sovereignly Draws Men to Salvation

Top 10 Favorites (no particular order)

  1. The Resolved Lamb of God
  2. Christ’s Death Guarantees Justification and Glorification of the Elect
  3. Give Thanks to the Father as a Living Sacrifice
  4. Evangelism and the Evangelist
  5. The Evangelist’s Commitment to the Local Church
  6. The Fellowship in Evangelism
  7. How to Pray for Pastors
  8. Do You Know Him?
  9. Perverted Love, Sex, and Abortion
  10. Characteristics of the Model Church

Bonus – One of my favorite sermons of the year, titled “The Fuel for Death-defying Missions” by David Platt at the 2012 T4G Conference: